Celebrity Console/Fan View


In this chapter, we will cover the Celebrity Console and Fan view and explain how to operate them.

Celebrity view

The Celebrity view is the tool for allowing the Celebrity to host Friends or Guests and ingest his aggregated stream into the CDN.

Login screen

The Console requires, at the moment, to be run on Desktop.

  • Choose the Video Camera source of the laptop

  • Choose the Audio source of the laptop

  • Enter the User Name

  • Enter the Password

  • Press “Login“

Main page

The main page is there to allow the Celebrity to interact with the Guests/Fans

The page has four parts that will let the Celebrity manage the experience.

Video faces of the Celebrity and the Guests/Fans

In this section, the Celebrity will see and interact with the Guests/Fans.

The Mainstream

The Queuing Mechanism

The queuing mechanism shows the list of Fans waiting to interact with the.

  • Press the button “Go next“ to move to the next participant

  • Press “Disconnect“ when the Celebrity would like to end the session with the Fan

  • Press “Done” to clear the queue

  • Pressing “Go next“ again will connect the Celebrity to the next session

The broadcast preview

The broadcast preview shows the Celebrity how his/her broadcast will look like for the Fans

Fan view

The Fan view is the view that the Fans will see during the broadcast.

The Fan view has two functionalities:

  • Viewing the broadcast of the Celebrity and the Guests/Fans that joined him/her.

  • Joining the Celebrity Queue and later joining the Celebrity if he/she allows.

Login screen

The “User ID“ is not restricted at the moment, we suggest that the users just put their names.

  • Enter the “User ID” (user name)

  • Press “Continue“

Main page

The main page is the page where the Fans can see the Celebrity interacting with his/her Guests/Fans.

On this page, the Fans can ask to join the Celebrity and wait in the queue until they are allowed in.

Pre broadcasts page

On this page, the Fans will be waiting until the broadcast starts.

Watching the Celebrity

On this page, the Fans can see the Celebrity and his/her interaction with the Guests/Fans.

  • Press the button “Join Celebrity“ to join the Celebrity Queue.

Joining the Celebrity

Once joining the Celebrity queue, the Fans will receive a notification as to their location in the queue.

When the Fans are three places in the queue before joining the Celebrity, they will receive a notification to start the camera and they will wait for the Celebrity to let them into his/her console.

  • Receive notification as to the position in the queue

  • Receive a notification to start the camera. If the Camera is not started within 60 seconds, the Fan will leave the queue and need to start the process again.

  • In case the Fan does not start the Camera within 60 seconds he/she will need to ask to be let in the Celebrity queue again by pressing the “Join Celebrity” button

Watch together page

On this page, the Guests/Fans interact with the Celebrity. The Fans will automatically connect with the Celebrity when he/she is allowed.

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