Installing the NPM package


To use the WT SDK npm package, an Access Token will be needed. If you dont have a token, please contact us at

What is the Access Token? Why do you need it?

WT SDK is a private package that is hosted on the npm registry. Only authorized users can access it. In order to access the SDK we will generate an authentication token for you. The authentication token is a hexadecimal string that gives you access to SDK.

Before installation

In your project root folder create .npmrc file. This file will set the specific npm config values for this project. Insert the code snippet bellow to the .npmrc file. Replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with the token that was provided.1 //


1 npm i @sscale/wtsdk


Code samples and full API description can be found here.

Using the SDK

In your .js module add the following line of code1 import WT from '@sscale/wtsdk'

WT - contains all the methods described in the documentation. For example, to create a new session, you should do the following:1 WT.Session.connect(settings, user)


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