v2.0 Migration Guide

  • Please check the updated API Documentation for more details.

  • Have a look at the SyncSDK version 2 implentation for reference here.

Improved Player decorator usage

SyncSDK now doesn't have any player-specific logic inside to allow for better control. PlayerDecorator example implementation for different players can be found here.

  • startSynchronize() method of SyncSDK no longer accepts useProgramDateTime parameter

  • addPlayer() method of SyncSDK was renamed to addPlayerClient()

  • addPlayerClient() method of SyncSDK no longer accepts clientType parameter

  • PlayerDecorator's constructor now accepts player instance as a parameter which is stored in this.player for further usage by other methods

  • PlayerDecorator no longer has setPlayerInstance method, player instance should now be passed in PlayerDecorator's constructor

  • PlayerType, HtmlVideoPlayer, YoutubePlayer, Player are no longer exported and can't be used

  • getOffset() and setOffset() SyncSDK methods are no longer available

Improved error handling

  • createGroup() and startSynchronize() methods of SyncSDK now return Promise which can be rejected with SyncError

Better synchronization

  • getPlaybackRate() method should now be implemented by PlayerDecorator subclasses and return current playback rate

Improved group control

  • unmute() method should now be implemented by PlayerDecorator subclasses and unmute player when called

  • unmuteGroup() method is now available in SyncSDK

  • setGroupPosition() method of SyncSDK now accepts optional delta parameter. The parameter is in milliseconds and will be applied to the position returned by PlayerDecorator.getCurrentPosition() before sending to other clients

Unification of measurement units

SyncSDK now uses milliseconds for playback position in all methods.

  • getCurrentPosition() method of PlayerDecorator should now return the position in milliseconds

  • fastSeekToPosition() method of PlayerDecorator should now accept the position in milliseconds

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